A Royal Meeting

Quattro Kings put on its first official get together this weekend.  For a fairly spur of the moment kind of thing it turned out to be a great showing of four ringed greatness.  A 45 degree day in late January is actually nice here in the Washington D.C. area.  With a showing of vehicles across Audi’s spectrum, passers by couldn’t help but turn their heads.  Among the crowd were four RS4’s (Daytona Grey, Mugello Blue, Sprint Blue and Phantom Black), three B5 S4’s, two C5 A6’s, two D2 big bodies (Pearl White A8 and Silver Metallic S8), a B6 A4 and a B7 A4 sporting brand new Rotiform BLQ’s.

A great photo opportunity and a great chance to chat with fellow Audi enthusiasts ensued.  Quattro King members all cruised to Laurel Station for some delicious wings and a few needed beers.  A great time, and the first of many Quattro King meets.  We look forward to seeing more four ring drivers next time!


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