The experts at Quattro Kings are here to create an Audi as unique as you. Our designer will work with you to determine the right look and feel for your new ride. We strive for an OEM plus look, meaning modifications are meant to look as if they could have come from the factory. We’ve been tastefully modifying Audis for well over a decade, and know what it takes to make your car stand out, without screaming “look at me”.

Quattro King Exclusive vehicles not only look great, they feel amazing. Modifications include both aesthetic and performance upgrades like the following:

    • Wheel and tire package
    • Suspension upgrade and lowering
    • Aero upgrades
    • Upgraded front grille
    • Engine/Transmission performance upgrade
    • Exhaust system upgrade

Turbocharger/Supercharger upgrade

Schedule a consultation today, and find out what’s possible with your next Audi.