Doing the Dishes

Quattro Kings member, Evan Singham, recently put a new pair of shoes on his 2004 A6 2.7 twin turbo.  To compliment the  aluminum door blades that can’t help but be noticed, Evan went with a staggered set of Miro STP3’s.  These beautiful wheels are stanced just right with help from ECS spacers in the rear.  The step lip and deep dish in the rear are a serious upgrade for this already pretty Audi.

This change in footwear came just in time for H20 international in a month.  Running 19″ x 8.5″ in the front and 19″ x 9.5″ in the rear, wrapped with 235/35R 19 Continental ContiSport 3’s all the way around, Evan’s ride is sitting pretty.  A proper photo shoot to come soon for this gorgeous C5 A6.  We can’t wait to see what’s next…


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