Mechanical Synfonica

Not too many YouTube videos really get your heart going.  This certainly isn’t your run of the mill, homemade, car video…some impressive vehicles here and some awesome camera work.  The girls aren’t too shabby either.  Just a little something for the Audi lovers out there! Enjoy, we know you will.

Simply Brilliant.

Local Quattro Kings Co-Founder Aaron took a few shots of his classic B5 S4.  Covered in Audi’s brilliant black, this beast gets attention wherever it goes.  While it’s menacing exterior and massive front mount intercooler can scare small children, it’s open downpipe exhaust makes the manliest of men jump with one full throttle pull.  While … More Simply Brilliant.

A Royal Meeting

Quattro Kings put on its first official get together this weekend.  For a fairly spur of the moment kind of thing it turned out to be a great showing of four ringed greatness.  A 45 degree day in late January is actually nice here in the Washington D.C. area.  With a showing of vehicles across … More A Royal Meeting


We recently had the pleasure of checking out the all new Audi R8 GT.  This exclusive performance model of the already amazing R8 V10 just now arrived in the United States.  The GT was produced in a very limited amount, this beautiful Samoa Orange is number 219/333 that will be produced.  Boasting an increased 550 … More R8 GT

Doing the Dishes

Quattro Kings member, Evan Singham, recently put a new pair of shoes on his 2004 A6 2.7 twin turbo.  To compliment the  aluminum door blades that can’t help but be noticed, Evan went with a staggered set of Miro STP3’s.  These beautiful wheels are stanced just right with help from ECS spacers in the rear.  … More Doing the Dishes